The Team

We have brought together a games development team from around the world who are all at the top of their field and passionate about the foundations global initiative, to develop a serious game GrimeStoppers.

Program Director,  Mr. Noah Falstein
Noah has been in the computer game industry since 1980 with many hit title credits and work experience at major developers like LucasArts, 3DO, and Dreamworks Interactive. He currently runs the freelance design business, The Inspiracy. The Inspiracy offers design and production consulting for companies and individuals interested in top quality game development and business contacts. Falstein also lectures and conducts seminars on game design and development, for both traditional and serious games.

There are very few people with decades of game industry experience, a track record of major design roles in hit games, and extensive International contacts. Fewer still offer their services on a freelance basis. As a full time freelance designer/producer since 1996 Falstein may hold the world record for time in this role. He has chapters published in six different game industry books, and is working on my own book about game design issues.


Transmedia Director, Dr. Christy Dena
Christy is a writer, designer, and director. She specializes in the design and execution of digital and trans/cross-media projects. She freelancers, and is developing her own creative projects and web services.

She worked on Conspiracy for Good, an award-winning global alternate reality experience for Nokia/the company P/Tim Kring; The Hunt, an award-winning alternate reality game for Cisco/No Mimes Media; and Bluebird AR, an award-winning alternate reality drama for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Christy has given keynotes at Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival and the First International Conference on Cross-Media Interaction Design in Sweden.

She co-wrote the Australian Literature Board’s “Writers’ Guide to Making a Digital Living”. Christy has published chapters or been quoted in numerous books on cross-media and gaming.

Director Themes and Writing, Susan O’Connor
Susan is an Award-winning writer with over ten years’ experience creating worlds, plots, characters and scripts for video games.

Works with game designers, creative directors, and producers to integrate story with gameplay, adapt or create IP, develop plotlines, create characters, and generate scripts.

Client list includes Epic Games, Ubisoft Montreal, Microsoft, Take-Two Interactive, Radical Entertainment, Activision, Sega, Sony, THQ, and Vivendi.
Games in her portfolio have sold over ten million copies and generated over half a billion dollars in sales.

Has been a featured speaker at the Game Developers Conference, the Montreal International Game Summit, and the Austin Film Festival.

Serious Games Consultant, John Welsh
With a history that includes “blowing things up!” John Welsh is the owner and CEO of the serious games consultancy.  Based in Brisbane Australia, the breadth of his experience ranges from project and program management, the provision of Live, Virtual and Constructive simulation solutions for a variety of industries, video game production, and developmental training.  Passionate about experiential learning he has been instrumental in defining serious game solutions nationally and internationally, spearheading serious game initiatives and providing consultancy, subject matter expertise, guidance and turnkey solutions.