The Bog Standard Campaign is run by ERIC, (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence), the charity that helps children, their families and heath professionals with childhood bedwetting, daytime wetting, soiling and constipation in England.

Bog Standard is a campaign to promote better toilets for pupils in England.

Their 3 aims are:
1.To increase awareness of the health benefits of better toilets for pupils
2.To encourage schools to improve the condition of pupils’ toilets and to allow pupils to use them when they need to
3.To get laws that will make pupils’ toilets nicer to use

School toilets affect children’s physical and psychological health. Toilets which are unpleasant, or out of bounds, can cause serious, long-term health problems.

Time for a ‘bog standard’ – They are now having as many people as possible sign our petition to create regulations for school toilets.

A quarter of pupils in England’s schools avoid using toilets because they are dirty, old and smelly.

ERIC wants the English government to introduce adequate regulations covering school toilets – the limited regulations that do exist don’t include vital things like supply of toilet paper and soap or provide clear minimum standards. Regulations are in place to ensure toilets used by school staff meet proper standards but these don’t extend to toilets used by pupils. Why are children treated as second-class citizens?

All children should have the right to clean, well stocked and pleasant toilet facilities in schools but unfortunately, many don’t. Schools are failing pupils by providing unhygienic and poorly maintained facilities.