UK survey indicates 42% schools only had soap sometimes

A recent survey of 160 UK schools and 49 school and specialist nurses that revealed a universal call for minimum standards for school toilet facilities.
In addition, recent research has indicated that 36% of secondary school pupils say that their toilets are never clean, with 42% reporting that soap is only available sometimes, and another 19% that there is never any soap. 40% of secondary…

Australian Infection Control Association (AICA) select Soapstream for presentation

Australian Infection Control Association (AICA) have selected Soapstream for an oral presentation titled ‘Clean Hands for the Future’ – Sustainable Education and Hand Hygiene Methods Within the School Environment at their biannual conference in Perth Oct 2010.

Australian Infection Control Association (AIDA)…

Soapstream new product launch anticipated in March 2012

Soapstream new product launch anticipated in March 2012. Register interest now for rollout.
Some 60 schools have already registered their interest with the new system roll out due in October.
Due to the flu season being upon us the level of enquiry has picked up to 3 a day with many now waiting to see the new designs and costs which are anticipated to be around the $125 per tap if you have an…

Soapstream develop new hand hygiene education program

Having a vandal proof hand hygiene system was only 50% of the answer to effective hand hygiene in schools so that is why we have developed a new system of education which is seen as a revolutionary approach to teaching children.

Effective hand hygiene systems and education programs in schools will bring about a generation of children whose second nature will be to wash their hands. Thes…

Soapstream has now developed a system that can be retrofitted to existing taps

Soapstream’s new retrofitted system

The new system is seen as tamper proof with reduced access to the soap by would be vandals.

With the first generation of the system Soapstream being integrated into a water saving push tap, we found that many schools wanted to utilize their existing taps to save cost with the ability to later upgrade the taps at a later date whilst still retaining t…

Hand Hygiene Policy in Schools

A recent news article titled “Hand Hygiene Question” dated 9th October 2009, raised the question of “who is responsible for hand hygiene in our schools?” The following information may be of assistance.

The responsibility for hand hygiene policy and procedures in WA schools lays with the individual principals as is outlined in this release from The WA Department of Education and…

Global Handwashing Day – October 15, 2010

Although people around the world wash their hands with water, very few wash their hands with soap at the critical occasions. More hand washing with soap means lower rates of infectious disease: Clean Hands Save Lives!

Initiated in 2008 by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Hand washing with Soap, Global Hand washing Day is endorsed by a wide array of governments, internationa…

Swine flu closes more than 600 schools in U.S.

Number of schools that shut down this fall in the U.S is set to surpass the spring count.

The number of students staying home sick with the flu is multiplying nationwide and normally quiet school nurses’ offices suddenly look like big city emergency rooms, packed with students too ill to finish the day. Read mor…

World Health Organization reports 5000 dead from swine flu

Nearly 5,000 people have reportedly died from swine flu since it emerged this year and developed into a global epidemic, the World Health Organization said Friday.

Since most countries have stopped counting individual swine flu cases, the figure is considered an underestimate.

WHO said there were 4,999 total deaths through Oct. 18, most of them in the Western Hemisphere. The figure was u…

Human Swine Influenza

The Human Swine Influenza virus is a new flu virus that is infecting people and spreading from person to person. Cases of Human Swine Influenza have been confirmed in countries throughout the world by the World Health Organization and there have now been confirmed cases of Human Swine Influenza in Australia.

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