Washing Works: Hand-Washing Keeps Kids in School, and Sickness Out

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Teaching good hand-washing skills actually improves school attendance rates.

School absenteeism causes lots of problems: kids miss out on learning, parents miss work, and sometimes schools lose critical funding. Absences are most commonly caused by illness and typically peak during flu season.
It’s well known that hand-washing decreases the spread of many common infections including…

Hand-washing an often-overlooked way to prevent flu and other illnesses


Could hand hygiene be more effective than vaccines?
Health By Mark Huffman

Every year consumers – especially seniors – are urged to get a flu shot to guard against the seasonal virus. But these vaccinations can have a spotty record when it comes to preventing disease.

The vaccine for the 2012-13 flu season didn’t cover a couple of the strains that actually appeared, reducing its…

Australia ‘glacial’ on tackling trachoma

The Australian Doctor

23 January, 2013

Australia has been leapfrogged by developing countries when it comes to eliminating blinding trachoma, a study finds.
Despite being the only developed country in the world where trachoma still exists, Australia’s pace in tackling the disease has been “glacial”, according to experts who analysed national progress since the turn of the century.

Ever-changing flu outwits scientists searching for vaccine

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March 4, 2013 12:13 am

By David Templeton / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Lifelong vaccines protect against polio, smallpox and rubella, which begs the question of why a long-lasting universal vaccine has yet to exist for influenza.

The quick answer: Influenza is one clever family of viruses. But researchers continue making progress in developing a more comprehensive, long-lasting…

Proper Hand Washing, Drying Helps Combat Spread Of New Sydney 2012 Norovirus Strain


ATLANTA, Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — With the current global outbreak of the Sydney strain of norovirus,i hand washing hygiene has never been more important. This highly contagious form of gastrointestinal virus can live on surfaces for weeks and is commonly communicated by touching a contaminated surface and then putting hands or fingers in the mouth.ii,iii When it comes to preventing…

What is Bog Standard?

The Bog Standard Campaign is run by ERIC, (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence), the charity that helps children, their families and heath professionals with childhood bedwetting, daytime wetting, soiling and constipation in England.

Bog Standard is a campaign to promote better toilets for pupils in England.

Their 3 aims are:
1.To increase awareness of the healt…

Move in England to Improve School Toilets

Bog Standard Part od ERIC

Poor school toilets and restrictions on toilet visits can cause or worsen childhood bladder and bowel problems. School toilets also affect children’s happiness and learning. Our Bog Standard campaign aims to:
•To increase awareness of the health benefits of better toilets for pupils
•To encourage schools to improve the condition of pupils’ toilets and to allow…

“The gold standard of hand washing is using hot running water and soap.”

Misleading hand gel sanitizers… waist of money?

April 10, 2010
New study reports: hand gels are misleading, only killed 60 per cent of germs at best.

• Hands on proper hand hygiene!
Last year, when swine flu hit, sales of some products rocketed by 70 per cent. Yet do hand gels really help? A study carried out in December 2009 by Ottawa University found that some brands that claimed…

Survey Finds Hindrances to Hand Washing in Schools

Oct. 12, 2011 — Children need to wash up more often at school, and parents need to set a better hand-washing example. That’s according to a new survey by the American Cleaning Institute, which represents the U.S. cleaning products industry.For the online survey, 512 children (aged 8 to 17) and 521 parents answered questions about their hand-washing habits and beliefs. Although most children…

Giant ‘Germnasium’ teaches Aussie kids about good hand hygiene

July 2010
This winter a giant ‘Germnasium’ will be visiting primary schools, sports clubs and community groups around Australia to help teach children about good hand hygiene.

It is common knowledge among parents that schools are one of the most common places to pick up and spread germs. In the last year alone, more than 1.9 million Australian children between the ages of 5-14 years wer…

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