GrimeStoppers Inc


The new GrimeStoppers site will be live August  2016 when an ambitious project to empower children to influence hygiene standards in all communities around the world will commence across Australia. This will be the beginning of what is envisaged to become an initiative in every country throughout the world.

The success of the initiative will depend on principals, teachers and parents encouraging our children and giving them a voice within our community.

The ‘GrimeStoppers’ are a group of children from Earth who have been selected by the Celestial Guardians from the Intergalactic Health Council to carry out a very important mission. Adult Earthlings have failed to protect the world from the invasion of super germs,  bacteria and viruses. Now it is up to the children to band together to save the world from infection by fighting the spread of disease with soap, water and good hygiene practices.

5000 children each day are dying which could have been prevented by just washing their hands regularly with soap and water.  The ‘GrimeStoppers’ around the world are now banding together forming The Legions of Defense ensuring all have the protection that soap and water gives to save lives.

Our children become the social conscience of all of us within the community that know that we should wash our hands. But clearly it is not practiced nor provided for enough.

Through the game the children will be empowered to be the community hygiene warriors demanding of governments and community leaders that all have access to soap both in our schools and public facilities.

They will undertake to look after other children’s hygiene needs through the Adopt a School Program. They will name toilets that do not have soap and bring it to the attention of the community through the Dob In A Loo (DIAL) program.

Children are one of the most influential elements in a parent’s life. Even if you don’t have a child people are generally an Auntie or an Uncle or have friends who have them. With children being such powerful motivators  there is a belief, by the foundation, that the children of the world can bring about a change and increase hand hygiene compliance within the community. This is achievable through a game and the belief that they as GrimeStoppers are on a mission to save the world by simply having everybody use soap and water.

Our children will become the face and the voice of the Children’s Global Hygiene Foundation engaging through media and awareness campaigns to increase hand hygiene compliance both within their own local community and overseas.

Have your children join and become a GrimeStopper in The Legion of Defense and be a part of the biggest global movement for change the world has ever seen.