The game and education program is currently in the development stage with our team working on the project. The launch of the first mini game is anticipated by Otbober 2013.

GrimeStoppers will start as online story of  the Celestial Health Councils concern over the battle raging on earth between the super bugs and the scientists. A race that the council knows that the Earthlings are losing.

5000 children dying every day could be saved with just soap and water. In an effort to save the world the Celestial Guardians are sent to earth to in search of the GrimeStoppers to raise an army of children to save the world.

The world of serious games as a means of education

  • School initiated program that is played at home
  • Each child customizes their own Avatar
  • The game is to find infected children in a school setting and wash their hands
  • The child must wash Avatars hands during the game to maintain health
  • Rewards are given for different levels within the game
  • Children are awarded at school for individual achievements and receive community based prizes
  • In class Grimestoppers songs and the secret code which entails a pact to wash their hands in real time after toilet use, prior to eating etc