Developed World Projects

These projects will initially start in Australia and are based around the activities of the GrimeStoppers as we push forward with community campaigns around hand hygiene awareness and trying to influence government to legislate for the requirement of soap in schools and public toilets.

Much work is to be done within many segments of our community to bring about this change both through engaging with the business community and also our ambassadors whom will join the GrimeStoppers in support of their quest. Whilst the GrimeStoppers are the main driving force behind the Developed Country initiatives gaining the support of Ambassadors and people of influence is seen as a major project for the foundation at this point.

In influencing government to recognize and act upon the provision of soap in schools we will need to assist with the funding provisions of schools to install the appropriate vandal proof hand hygiene systems. In the past this has been one of the major hurdles for many cash strapped schools that rely on the Parents and Citizens Ass to raise the funds. This in itself is a challenge when so many family’s budgets are stretched.

The foundation over the next year will be looking at innovative ways in which to assist schools in bridging this financial gap.