Children’s Global Hygiene Foundation



The Children’s Global Hygiene Foundation is an initiative to unite and empower children around the world giving them a platform from which to influence governments and their immediate community. The faces and the voices of the foundation will be children as they engage with media and advocate on issues such as health, child labour, child prostitution, and any other issues that impact on children’s well being.

We will  be asking schools around the world to nominate their own students to be ambassadors to the Children’s Global Hygiene Foundation who will then join with the foundation to undertake campaigns within their own communities to influence adults and local government on hygiene and other issues relating to children.

In order to remain engaged  with children and unite them we will use social media and the other mediums such as online games that reflect real life as it is happening in the world today. Children will be encouraged to join the GrimeStoppers Club to become community hygiene advocates attempting to influence the hygiene habits of their own family. By empowering children this way we will influence their own hygiene habits and tackle an issue that many schools around the world face which is vandalism in school toilets.

As a not for profit initiative one of our first global initiatives is to partner with other organisations to undertake the development of sustainable programs for the provision of hygiene systems, soap, and education programs.

The foundation will do this by developing, and fostering relationships between children and communities through the ‘Adopt a school’ and ‘Adopt a village’ programs. The foundation aims to inspire children to join with the founders to bring about a generation of children with natural hygiene habits.

Our initial campaign in Australia aims to have the Australian federal government bring down hygiene legislation for schools. This will be the first demonstration of the children coming together and being able to bring about change by influencing the government. See GrimeStoppers.

The Global Initiative

Schools can also adopt a third world school in their quest to help communities around the globe. Grimestoppers will raise funds to provide that school with hand-hygiene systems that attach to any plastic bottle. These systems will allow children to wash their hands four times a day for 20c per year. The children within the adopted school will also join the GrimeStoppers club becoming community hygiene warriors and receiving silicon GrimeStopper wristbands.  By taking home a hand-hygiene system, they will also encourage their families to wash their hands. The mission of GrimeStoppers is to save lives.

Over 5000 children around the world die each day from illness that’s preventable through having access to soap and water.

GrimeStoppers’ child ambassadors will learn valuable lessons by reaching out and helping other children around the world. Working together we can make a difference in sanitation practices around the world.