Bloggers Spread the message

Blog ImageThere are many mothers who have a huge impact on the opinions of our communities today.  They have the ability to shape those opinions and to bring about community movements for change. The foundation believes that mothers around the world have the ability through their blog sites to escalate this GrimeStopper movement. Of all the mothers I have spoken to on this subject over the past 5 years they all agree that basic hygiene is one of the most important issues for them when it comes to their children.

I would imagine that when many mothers find out that governments have no legislation that requires soap in school and public toilets, they will be somewhat concerned if not outraged. Whilst some may think that there is too much of a fuss made over hygiene and our children should be able to build up their immunities, we agree to a point however it is not your every day germs that we are concerned about. What concerns us is the virus that we have no protection against that travels from one side of the globe to the other in 24 hours with our only line of defence being washing our hands. If we have in place good community hand hygiene protocols and the ready access to soap and water in our schools and public facilities then we will in some cases have a 50% reduction in the infection rate.

So all the Mums, Dads and other Bloggers who feel that this initiative is worthwhile support our GrimeStoppers and let the rest of the world know to motivate governments and community leaders to make the change.