Adopt a School Program


This is an initiative born out of individual classrooms where they want to support the children in developing country schools with the supply of  hygiene systems. Many schools do not have any system available for children to wash their hands at critical times. As part of the GrimeStoppers code children will help other children less fortunate than themselves by raising money to fund simple cost effective hand hygiene systems and have the children in that school become part of the GrimeStoppers movement. The Children will also take home a hand hygiene system with enough soap for a family of 6 to wash their hands 4 times a day.

The foundation feels that it is not enough for the children to be washing their hands and faces at school they need, as all GrimeStoppers to encourage their family to undertake good hygiene practices.

This adoption will go on for many years with relationships being built between the students and an understanding that children in other countries die from not washing their hands. It will build cultural understanding and tolerance of those who have differing cultures and ways. Whilst it is not a condition of adoption it may well be that the relationship between the children goes beyond assisting with hygiene. See Adopt A Village.